There are many products available on the market that meet or exceed industry environmental standards in one capacity or another. Our estimating team are experts in dealing with the terminology and requirements for LEED Certified and other sustainable projects. To make it simple there are essentially 3 types of environmentally friendly flooring products:

Recycled Content Flooring Products

These products contain either post-industrial or post-consumer recycled content. This can be anything from recycled tires in rubber fitness flooring, to recycled carpet in new carpet tile. Products that can contain recycled content include:

  • Carpet & Carpet Tile
  • Vinyl Flooring
  • Rubber Flooring
  • Wood and Laminate Flooring

Natural Material Products

These products are constructed using materials that are both naturally occuring and naturally regenerative. Examples of such products are the wool in some carpets, the jute used for the backing of carpet and linoleum, and cork. Products that contain natural materials include:

  • Carpet
  • Linoleum
  • Wood
  • Cork
  • Rubber

Fully Recyclable Products

These products can be fully recycled at the end of their usefull life. This means that when removed from an old floor, these products don't go to a local landfill. When recycled these products can sometimes be recycled back into themselves in a closed loop, like carpet tile back into new carpet tile, or other times reycled into something else, like carpet used in the plastics industry. Fully recyclable products include:

  • Carpet and Carpet Tile
  • Under Cushion and Under Pad
  • Rubber Flooring and Accessories


For more information about the HUGE benefits of recycling carpet, check out this Carpet Recycling Calculator.

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